The Foran's

The Foran Family

4 BAR N Farms, is a new corporation founded to bring you the excellent quality meat you put on your table. 

Chippewa Creek Livestock Company is a 5th generation ranch that is owned and operated by Joe and Charlotte Foran in Grass Range, Montana.


Our Central Montana ranch has been cultivated and farmed by our family for over 130 years. One side of our family, we can trace back to the Mayflower and the other side were German immigrants who homesteaded part of the same land in the late 1800’s. We have learned from our ancestors how to efficiently nurture and cultivate the land to provide the best Animal health and nutrition to the livestock that reside on it and in turn provide the best quality meat that ends up on your table. We are extremely honored and fortunate to be a part of the legacy our ancestors have handed down to us.