Our Cattle

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In the early 1970’s Joe purchased the land from his parents. He studied beef cattle and crossbred the popular American breeds like the Semintal and Black Angus cow with the famed French Limousin to get a leaner quality, better marbled and great tasting product that is an extremely healthy red meat and is still highly satisfying to the American consumer. Our cattle are known for excellent carcass quality with superb yield and grade.

The breeds we have crossed with have a strong historical background in the western United States while the Limousin cattle are named for a rural region in France that is known for producing some of the “best beef farming” in the world. The cross breeds we have found to be a perfect combination for lean, quality meat.

Our breeding program is comprised of Limousin crossbred cattle with the highest quality of Limousin bulls in the nation. We rotate pasture to ensure the rich soil of our land has the best benefits we can provide to it and we continually cultivate it to produce the best quality forage.